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In today’s digital world, a “real time” connection with your customer is no longer a luxury. It is now a necessity. Customers are smarter than ever before and are craving connection and self-expression.  It is businesses who are tapping into such basic human needs both online or offline who are emerging as the real winners.

At Feedilicious, we have integrated a key mix of research and technology to offer businesses a real time connection with their customers through Feedbacks. Feedbacks that are fast, reliable, easy and yes ALL in “real time” We are bringing technology to your doorstep with the aim of creating real chemistry between you and your clients.

Feedilicious is a team of motivators who firmly believe that “real time FEEDBACK” is a true voice of the customer, whereby results are helping businesses to unlock their true potential. We understand that no two businesses are same, hence each feedback script is customized to suit your own specific needs. Reviews will only answer the WHAT questions for you, but real time feedbacks will answer WHAT, WHERE, WHEN and WHY


Successful Projects


Real Time Feedbacks


Happy Clients

It all sounds fascinating so HOW DOES IT WORK?

It’s simple – it all starts with a talk… and ends with a RESULTS.


We don’t believe in Sales but Solutions
We will first meet with you to understand your business model. We will assess your business’s needs in consultation with you and design a customized feedback survey for your business. With the help of our research and project management team we will design feedback that is “short and sweet” but also very effective.


Execution is Everything

The mobile optimized survey will be ready to share with your customers. With minimal data utilization you can use your own device or we can arrange one for you. When and how to collect feedback will be crucial to success and we will give you step-by-step guidelines on execution. In the background our project management team will keep a close on eye on your projects and provide all the support you need.


Results at your fingertips

Once done, we will create an infographic presentation and share the results with you. In less than 10 minutes you’ll be able to identify key strengths and weakness of your services or products.  Who are the winners and the losers? Which areas should you focus on? All your burning questions will be answered and rest assured we treat data with a high level of confidentiality and security.


This is the Real Deal

Understanding the report is just the start of the story, the real deal is to connect and engage with your customers. Through feedbacks we will build a database of your customers. We will spark a digital connection and be the voice of your business online. Whether it be a matter of communicating promotions, PR or merely saying Thanks or Sorry, we will be there when you need communication most.

See It To Believe It

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